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COMDH operates with strict IPAC Protocol has been approved by an Infection Control Practitioner. 

We at COMDH strive to ensure that every life we touch will have a direct impact in improving a sense of dignity and self-worth

We strive to provide greater access to dental care for the Special Needs population in Ontario in order to significantly impact their quality of life

Meet Josie

Josie Costantiello is an Independent Registered Dental Hygienist with a passion for treating persons with special needs including persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Mental Health Conditions, Developmental Delays and Dual Diagnosis, more importantly, her mission is to break down barriers to obtaining preventative dental care within the community.  Josie's dental industry experience began in 2004, where she started her career at the Mount Sinai Hospital Dental Department, became Clinical Director with the Special Olympics in 2015.  Josie received additional training from the Geneva Centre in Toronto, where she learned ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) techniques in a dental setting and gave her profound knowledge on how to cater each dental experience to meet the needs of persons with ASD or other various mental, neurological and/or behavioural challenges.  Josie has formed relationships with different organizations such as Kerry’s Place, Community Living Toronto, Reena, Christian Horizons, Montage Support, Several Mental Health group homes, Addiction Recovery Programs and has opened doors to many individuals who require in-home/on-site customized dental preventative care. Josie alongside her Dentist partner, facilitates referrals to dental clinics within the community or hospital setting for further dental treatment outside of dental preventative care.  Josie has 3 family members with varying Special Needs and has made it her mandate to service those who are vulnerable and have had challenges obtaining dental care, in a compassionate and caring manner.

Complex Needs - Josie is experienced in providing preventative dental care for persons with complex needs such as  Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, G-Tube,  Tracheostomy.  All case acceptance based on current and past medical history review, as well as medical clearance by physician(s) when deemed necessary.



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 Screenings & Exams 


Screenings for disease of the head & neck as well as Oral Cancer Screenings. Our Dentist will travel to you/your client for an In-Home assessment  

Dental Hygiene


Dental de-plaquing

Tartar (Calculus) removal

Fluoride Varnish application for Cavity and/or Sensitivity prevention

Polishing for Stain removal

Gum assessment with basic treatment, when required

Customized Oral Hygiene Instruction
  Discussion and demonstration, to help you, your family member and/or your client(s) achieve proper oralhealth in between dental visits at the clinic
ODSP and Healthy Smiles  Accepted

We accept all forms of insurance and accept ODSP, OW for Peterborough & York Region and Healthy Smiles plans 

CDCP- (starting in June 2024)

Affordable options available for low income situations 

Our Services
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Josie Costantiello
Registered Dental Hygienist (Self-Initiated)
Meet our Dental Hygienist


March 22, 2021:

Check out the link below for our recent collaboration with Community Living Toronto for their "Learning Together" Newsletter and the site, a information resource site for persons with a developmental disability.  Josie is interviewed by Samantha Yarwood of CLTO about the importance of Dental Preventative Care as well as advocacy for those who rely on others to support them with their health needs, especially those who are non-verbal.

June 2, 2020:

COMDH COVID -19 IPAC enhanced measures to prevent the spread have been implemented.  The full document can be emailed to you at your request.

In addition, the Ontario Ministry of Health is recommending In Home Care as one of several modifications for the delivery of preventative dental services, as an enhanced patient safety measure during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

May 9th, 2018:

Check out the article featured in Oral Hygiene Magazine where our Dental Hygienist Josie advocates for mobile dental clinics and changes to government funded dental programs.

November 30th, 2017:


Josie Costantiello along with 3 other health care providers spoke about their collaboration in treating someone with complex health issues and developmental disability, in the safety of their own home at the Health and Wellbeing in Developmental Disabilities, a conference by the University of Toronto.

Launched by Autism Canada


A valuable tool for persons with ASD...check out the link for more info on this new MedicAlert Bracelet! Share this info with anyone who would benefit from wearing one.

Purple - Blue Gradient


We take the time to get to know you, your child or client(s) even BEFORE meeting you/them in person to achieve the best treatment experience

A detailed questionnaire will be provided for us to find out what you, your child's or client's "likes and dislikes" are, to be able to customize each appointment to achieve success with you, your child or client(s). For any behavioural, anxieties, non-verbal challenges, we use ABA techniques and create a calm atmosphere to aid in the receiving of our preventative dental treatment 

We will do what we can to take the time to make you, your child or client feel comfortable, so that more can be achieved at each future visit in the comfort of their own home

Why We are Different


Best Contact Methods

 Tel: 416.554.1286 

 Hours of Operation
       Monday                     10-4pm
        Tuesday                     10-3pm 
        Wednesday                10-4pm
        Thursday                    10-4pm
         Friday                         10-2pm
 Saturday       Closed 
Sunday         Closed
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      Servicing the GTA         since 2017 
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